Wild Hare Studios


Hey there, My name is Tahla. I am an active Gposer on Exodus. I first started on FFXIV back in ARR and have loved this game ever since. I later found Gpose and was hooked on taking photos of my WoL. Those stop-motion photos was where I started, those amazing action shots always drove me to keep getting better, and I've come a long with a part of this game that I enjoy so much

PricingSFW Poses - 750K Gil per pose (3 - 5 shots per pose)NSFW Poses - 1 Mil Gil per pose (3 - 5 shots per pose)Extra People - 250K Gil per personHire a Photographer - 1.5 Mil per hour. For Venues, Café's & EventsAny shots that require extra work (meaning excessive) will have a time/labour feeI hold the right to refuse shooting for anything that I deem to be inappropriate

Current work
Time Warp - Gilgamesh, Lavender Beds, W15 P36
The Lunar Cafe - Exodus, Lavender Beds, W29 P42